Hardware Support

Today, IT is expected to deliver secure, reliable services while also enabling rapid business transformation. This new kind of IT requires a new kind of support.

We provides full support and maintenance on a wide range of hardware and software from the world’s leading vendors.  Offering UK wide support, we can provide parts within 2 hourswindow to any site in the UK. Dealing with business of all sizes, our technology capabilities stretch from high-powered low-energy, virtual systems and complex storage solutions.

We are able to support your Laptops and associated applications.  Laptop Hardware and Software are designed to work in harmony with one another.  A partnership that enables businesses to leverage a powerful computing experience.  It’s not Windows,  however we can support you through the transition phase with education, and ongoing support for your business.

Our Hardware ServicesHere’s the best part of our hardware services

Desktop Support

Our Desktop Support service provides maintenance and management of hardware, Servers, EPOS equipment, Peripherals and Communication hardware.

Laptop Support

We find both fixed-to-desk supports, intended to remain on the desk, and portable supports, intended to be carried around, along with the laptop.

Printer Support

we specialise in the design, print and execution of commercial and digital print related media.

Other Support

We are working with leading businesses big and small, helping them communicate through a variety of media, whether its a simple flyer or a targeted mailing campaign.

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